Down Load DASC Software 

Number File      
1  Down Load DASC-English 
DownLoadElectronicReferences for^Developing Econometrics ̄
2 Down Load DASC-Chinese
3 Down Load DASC-WileyBook


4 Down Load DASC-Chinese(2015 New) 
5 Down Load DASC-English(2015 New) (User-self add folder \Tee to software)
6 DownLoad Forecasting (English)

Down Load the Register File

1 Down Load CodeRead      

Register Method

1、Press \DASC\Usertools\ReadSerialPro.exe, Information File DASC-KEY.txt will appear.    
2、Send DASC-KEY.txt by E-mail  or
3、We will make the register file CodeRead.dll, and send it back by E-mail. You received the file and put it to \DASC\, cover with origenal file CodeRead.dll. OK! DASC software may be used. 

Down Load DASC Software

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